I was born a beautiful city , Shiraz, which is well-known as the city of poets, literature, wine and flowers.

Bachelor Degree

When I was in the secondary school, I attended a C programming language course, this was the first time I faced with a programming language. This encouraged me writing program and this was the first step. After that I started to learn Basic language programming and Pascal language programming. Hence, I choose Software Engineering in the university to continue my education. While studying bachelor degree, I learnt various programming language such as Assembly, C++, C# and Java. Also, I studied in depth Software Engineering, Project Management, and System Analyst.

Private Tutor

In university I helped my classmate in various subject such as Data Structure and Design, Algorithm Desgin and Optimization, and Object-Oriented programming. This guided me to work as a part-time private tutor. I have been tutor for more than 6 years in various courses from Auto Cad to Advance level of programming language and UML.

laboratory Tutor & Teaching Assistance

All my previous experience help me to start teaching and assisting lecturer in University.

My First Experience was Laboratory Tutor of Java Advance Object-Oriented Programming.

Afterward, I was Teaching Assistance of various courses such as C++, Java, Data Base Design, and Web Technology for 2 years.

Master Degree

I got Master Degree in IT-Management by overal CGPA 3.92. IT-Management focuses on IT as a strategic tool for organizations.

Web Developer

I have developed Web Application since 2008 in various range of responsibilities. I have built Web Application from scratch or within a team, playing different roles from a Project Manager, a System Analyst, a Consultant, a Developer to a Programmer.

Furthermore, I have integrated Web Application with the iPhone and iPad platform to enhance web application. Also, i have experience with Unity 3D Game Engine in creating game.

World is more bigger than we limit ourself to our vicinity, especially in 21st century. I have worked with clients on different continents. While, my last two years projects are occupied with Singpaore National Organization Web Portal as well as Private limited Company within Singapore.

My Experience